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Subsequent Events

Subsequent Events
6 Months Ended
Jul. 31, 2022
Subsequent Events [Abstract]  
Subsequent Events

14. Subsequent Events

Convertible Note Financing with 3i

On September 14, 2022, the Company entered into a securities purchase agreement (the “Securities Purchase Agreement”) with 3i pursuant to which the Company will issue to 3i an unsecured convertible promissory note for gross proceeds of $10,000. The Company expects to receive this debt funding on or before September 16, 2022, subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions. The initial promissory note will have a principal balance of $10,300 and will have an 18-month term. Outstanding principal amounts will accrue interest at a rate of 5% per year. Beginning on the first day of the calendar month after 90 days have elapsed from the issuance of the initial promissory note, the Company will be obligated to make 15 monthly installment payments of principal and accrued interest. Subject to conditions and limitations set forth in the securities purchase agreement, each of the Company and 3i may elect to convert outstanding principal and interest payments into shares of the Company’s common stock. Subject to a number of conditions set forth in the securities purchase agreement with 3i, including specified minimum trading prices and trading volumes, and the repayment or conversion of a specified portion of the initial convertible promissory note, the Company may borrow an additional $15,000 from 3i on the same terms and conditions as will be set forth in the initial convertible promissory note.

On September 14, 2022, the Company also entered into a registration rights agreement with 3i (the “Registration Rights Agreement”) pursuant to which it has committed to file with the SEC a registration statement to register for resale under the Securities Act the shares of common stock that may be issued to 3i upon conversion of principal and interest amounts due on the promissory notes that may be issued pursuant to the Securities Purchase Agreement.


On September 14, 2022, the Company announced that it plans to undertake a restructuring that will include a reduction to its current headcount of approximately 250 employees by approximately 35%. The Company expects to incur charges of approximately $1,000 in connection with the restructuring during the quarterly period ending October 31, 2022, primarily associated with one-time severance payments.